CW Heroes

by tccorbett

Rose seems like a completely satisfactory actress.  I don’t know how to explain what is missing from these shows to their contemporary fans.  I think DC characters are just kind of in this weird limbo, partly because of the success of Marvel and partly because of the success of Zach Snyder, both entities arguably have wildly different paradigms for comic book stories and heroes than conventional DC storylines.

Snyder and CW take these stories almost to a faux ‘dark’ place, emulating the likes of Marvel, X-men and Avengers,  because they fundamentally don’t understand Marvel, or DC?  Or either,  I don’t know.

I think it’s also a Millenial thing… where the world itself has just gotten so dark, that there’s this strong urge to funko popularize everything, when the way that was done OG style was more like Precious Moments figures.  Where there really was a completely wholesome, redeemable and redemptive side to even the darkest of personalities.  This was before the likes of Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman would probably have ever been considered mainstream.

I don’t actually think there is a way to put a positive spin on Snyder’s vision for DC or Superman,  but I do think there are ways of making better villains, and exploring reversals of morality, sometimes necessary for examining ethics under finer, closer or better lenses.  And if I ever wanted to make Superman an excellent villain, or the Joker a completely reedeeming and redeemable hero,  I’m sure I would ask Snyder for his input.

And for like a split second in 2015, Stewart & Fletcher et al, got it just right with Batgirl of Burnside.  Almost even like what Sabrina is now trying to be, or the very final fifth season of She-Ra and also failing at.  But at least the writers for Sabrina,  and finally at the end, She-Ra are even trying…